Background progress

Yes, since „we’re back“, some things happened in the background here. The sloppy homepage name „berlinc64club“ with its bloated database is no more.

Instead, and this you know already, the new name for the C64 Club Berlin homepage is spelled straigt this way. And you’re having this blog, which you’re reading on right now.

The direct links you maybe saved in your favourite browsers linklist won’t work with the new site, for reasons… …which I don’t understand. I apologize for that unconciousness. If I find the time for that I’ll fix it asap.

So any concerns relating to the Commodore 64 homecomputer, our club (or better named friendship) located across Berlin and inside the hotpot, as well as your kind donations – You will be invited to write on Twitter @C64ClubBerlin and @TuB64 as well as our facebook group… or oldschool’ish as Email or Snailmail located somewhere inside the world wide spiders web. Ahoy!

Veröffentlicht von tub64

Hoster of "Clubtape" podcast and founder of "C64 Club Berlin"

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