8bit retro super

  • Background progress

    5. November 2019 by

    Yes, since „we’re back“, some things happened in the background here. The sloppy homepage name „berlinc64club“ with its bloated database is no more. Instead, and this you know already, the new name for the C64 Club Berlin homepage is spelled straigt this way. And you’re having this blog, which you’re reading on right now. The… Weiterlesen

  • The whole story

    17. August 2019 by

    It has been a while ago… but finally I can talk about it. The C64 Club Berlin has actually some serious issues with hosting all the hardware that we saved from dying in the dumps earlier all the time. Since January 15th in 2017 we pay as much as 408 Euros monthly for a 72… Weiterlesen

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