Digital Talk 64 Diskmag

Dear friend of real disk magazine!
Thunder.Bird presents the continue of the oldest real diskmag for the C64 home computer. With issue 109 for christmas 2020 I had the great pleasure to bring you fun to your mailboxes and with it I had an important task to help once (or once more even for issue DT110 if everything goes well…).

Have fun leeching the disk-images at csdb or C64ClubBerlin.
Yours faithfully Thunder.Bird

C64 party calendar online again!

It was temporarily disabled due to strange server disturbance. It came to me that the mailing for registered party people was broken. So with disabling that mail-reminder, it works fine now (hopefully).

Remember the last full weekend in February! Even though it has a 29th day, we don’t bring it to my birthday even. But 2021 (in the future!!!) we will also celebrate my birthday while partying together at our beloved C64 computers.

Cya this or next year 😉

C64 party calendar online

Since today the C64 Club Berlin provides an own calendar with all the C64 related parties at which the C64 Club Berlin is involved at by Co-Organizing.

Of course you’re able to register for our parties there, too!
With registering, you’ll get a ticket for a free seat at a table.
And power for your C64-Set. And all the fun a party offers!

Background progress

Yes, since „we’re back“, some things happened in the background here. The sloppy homepage name „berlinc64club“ with its bloated database is no more.

Instead, and this you know already, the new name for the C64 Club Berlin homepage is spelled straigt this way. And you’re having this blog, which you’re reading on right now.

The direct links you maybe saved in your favourite browsers linklist won’t work with the new site, for reasons… …which I don’t understand. I apologize for that unconciousness. If I find the time for that I’ll fix it asap.

So any concerns relating to the Commodore 64 homecomputer, our club (or better named friendship) located across Berlin and inside the hotpot, as well as your kind donations – You will be invited to write on Twitter @C64ClubBerlin and @TuB64 as well as our facebook group… or oldschool’ish as Email or Snailmail located somewhere inside the world wide spiders web. Ahoy!

The whole story

It has been a while ago… but finally I can talk about it.

The C64 Club Berlin has actually some serious issues with hosting all the hardware that we saved from dying in the dumps earlier all the time. Since January 15th in 2017 we pay as much as 408 Euros monthly for a 72 m² big lot in the very west of Berlin. It was the cheapest place we found for rent back then. But for most of the clubbers it was located too far away to reach it within an hour driving, so that only a few clubbers remained active. The others abandoned the club because of that fact (and others). Effectively about three reliable clubbers continued paying a more than fair monthly fee. It never amortized and so we (primary me, TuB64) can’t afford that anymore… Since many months I’m in serious financial problems, as all of my aside money is used to save the place from starving. But it can’t work that way anymore. It sadly has to end here, even though some of you shared your love with the Club lot a lot. I’m sorry.

On top of that the homepage disappeared without any previous warnings or such on July 15th 2019 for nearly a whole month. For a reason back then when we had to move to another hosting server, I was too stressed to make my mind for that new ISP and hosting and gave that in Seansers hands. Somehow the payments for this new space got detoured to another webspace by Seanser or somethng like that… He didn’t had the time yet to fully explain what happened there.

So you now see me standing here, with and the new kindly hosted by pokefinder with the help of the overwhelming warm hearted count0. I’m so touched by that, you maybe can’t imagine how helpful that kind gesture was! And while having some chilli in my eyes, let me thank you so very much for all your help you offered me to let the Club space live. *to be continued*

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