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You’ve reached this Blog – congratulations!
You won’t be harmed unless you won’t understand.

Dear community of 8-bit demoscene!
The main homepage of „C64 Club Berlin“ is down due to mishaps on paying-logistics with the hoster All-Inkl. but will hopefully be back at some point – may take a while.

Q: What do I miss in the meantime?

  • nothing really world-turning
  • really.

Instead of klicking the mouse-button to death, I’ve set up a nice workaround here as you already can see now.

So what’s this blog about:

  • information about
  • blogs about my experiences with the C64
  • invitations to partys organized by/with us
  • special gimmicks

So feel free to stay for a while to chat with me and others about the „C64 Club Berlin“, the „Commodore 64“ or just about anything what comes into your mind while thinking about the „good old times“. You’re welcome


Veröffentlicht von tub64

Hoster of "Clubtape" podcast and founder of "C64 Club Berlin"

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