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BMP2MC 2.12f (11.05.2015)


What is it ?

BMP2MC is a  bitmap (.bmp, .jpg, .png) to C64-multicolor converter (Koala format – 16 colors or 5 grey / black and white, with optional export as .prg).

How to use ?

Two windows will appear after starting the .exe.
The first one contains all control-panels – the second one a view of the remapped bitmap.

In the first window do the following:

1. check/uncheck the grey- / bw / fine and/or prg-button
2. select colortable 1 or 2
3. select „splitted“ files/or not
4. load an bitmap/jpg/png (will be auto resized)
5. adjust brightness (remember, that it will change it in c64 color mode)
6. Hit „! GO !“ and DONE !

Other functions:
It´s possible to save the „remapped“ picture as a bitmap – just use the so called button.
Sometimes the „fine“ option delivers better results.
The .prg button will export to an (on C64) executable file – standalone !

The „split“ function will split the data into three files (bitmap, charmem and colormem data) – just like in my versions before.



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